terracotta digging pit!!!


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llamaqueenkelly: Cool.. How do I start a new thread?? Haha :P Jan 7, 2015 19:08:40 GMT
moletteuk: Go the homepage, and then to post pics, enter the Degu Pics section of the forum (dark blue writing in Degu Meeting Place - just scroll down the homepage until you see it) Then towards top right of the board click on Create Thread. Jan 9, 2015 12:07:57 GMT
moletteuk: Then enter your text in the box and copy and paste the IMG tag from photobucket. :) Jan 9, 2015 12:09:44 GMT
frances: Hi there, I got 2 Degus called Opal and Ruby 3 weeks ago, they are babies and still very small, I have a lot of questions as I want to try and be a good Degu Mummy and sometimes my Degus do confusing things! Jan 10, 2015 3:16:05 GMT
Patrick: Is it common for degus to have stillborns and eat the deceased babies? Jan 14, 2015 23:44:33 GMT
sirsmiley21: new to degu Feb 2, 2015 7:45:42 GMT
kerryllewis: Hi Feb 2, 2015 12:47:01 GMT
hummer: new member just posted a thread about wood for shelves for chinchillas help needed Feb 9, 2015 14:56:38 GMT
hummer: patrick chinchilla do the same thing ... Feb 9, 2015 14:57:22 GMT
fionawoodhead: Hello, just wanted to say hello! and that we recently adopted a 3 year old female degu - from knowing nothing about Degus, this forum has been so so helpful, and now feel as though we know what we are doing! Feb 11, 2015 14:33:11 GMT
moletteuk: Get your votes in for the photo competition, it's closing soon! Feb 13, 2015 14:04:12 GMT
Patrick: Does anyone know of a thread about potty training goos to pee in one area? Mar 7, 2015 21:44:37 GMT
lisamarieeee: Hi everyone! Mar 11, 2015 0:04:20 GMT
leslielashawn: Hello. I am a director of a childcare center. We usually raise guinea pigs but were recently introduced to Degus! Mar 16, 2015 17:08:01 GMT
klbishop: the triplets are not helping with me attempts at revision Mar 29, 2015 13:15:59 GMT
iimalt: Just posted a thread about a poorly degu if anyone is able to offer me some advice please that'd great. Apr 18, 2015 10:48:14 GMT
jellijaws: Hi I'd like to know if anyone knows where i can get some digging medium for my degus please. is aspen ok to use or i have heard coconut fibre bedding can be used also? Any advise will be appreciated thanx Apr 21, 2015 12:14:31 GMT
littlewomann: If someone could read my post and help me out, i'd be so appreciative Apr 25, 2015 1:06:03 GMT
jamess: HELP! I have 2 female degus aged approximately 7 months which require a permanent separate home. I am on Portsmouth and happy to travel to take them to a new suitable home as long as they get a new home. May 12, 2015 9:06:30 GMT
sab22: *HELP; My eldest female has just given birth again i thought i had got rid of all the males in the cage after she last gave birth i was wrong i now have 20 and need to get some moved on any one who lives in or near Daventry and can help ring 07519830597 May 19, 2015 20:46:04 GMT